the mooring b&b | georgetown maine

if you're looking for a place to get married in maine that is totally and completely MAINE, then you need to check out the mooring bed & breakfast in georgetown. the photos on their website don't do it justice. it's stunning! i visited a few days ago and took my own shots which probably won't do it justice either... 

the b&b has five bedrooms (all with water views) and perfect facilities for a wedding. there is a lovely pergola with a sea view behind it (gasp!). there is a a space large enough for a big tent, gorgeous perennial gardens, and they even provide catering. i met with the owner, penny, who explained that some couples rent the bath trolley to get their guests from the bigger hotels in bath down to the mooring. it's like an all-inclusive wedding venue but maine-style, so it's cozy and sweet and homey.

the venue is about 1 hour from portland and only 5 minutes from reid state park! there aren't many large, sandy beaches in maine, but reid state park has two. this is the place to get married, and no one paid me to say that. 

the mooring the view.jpg
the mooring maine building.jpg
the mooring pergola.jpg
the mooring pergola long view.jpg
the mooring front door.jpg
the mooring sign.jpg
the mooring ship shape.jpg
the mooring mirror.jpg
the mooring dresser.jpg

if you're interested, contact penny or paul barabe at 207-371-2790 or 1-866-828-7343 and make sure you tell them you heard about it on my blog.