henna art | mehandi body art


decorating a bride's hands and feet with henna is an art form and tradition that has been around for centuries. according to wikipedia (which is never wrong, right?!), this form of adorning women's bodies has been around since the bronze age in the eastern mediterranean. since then this bridal tradition has spread to encompass a much larger area including west and south africa, up to armenia, and over to malaysia and fiji.

the cool thing is, "bridal henna is done the same way by muslims, christians, jews, roma, zoroastrians, sikhs, and hindus in the countries where henna is available enough to be a tradition (the henna page)." it's meant to be beautiful and to give good luck, but i like the idea of these "tattoos" symbolizing the permanence of the commitment of marriage. 

here are some henna artists in maine:

remarkable blackbird 

genevieve levin

the eye of henna

please let me know if you know of other henna artists in maine.