eyes open | photography e-course

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imagine picking up a camera and actually knowing how to use it. not like just how to turn it on, put it on the auto setting, and click away but how to actually shoot using the manual mode (so scary)! what about how to use the light and getting that crazy flare? don't you droll over gorgeous photos on pinterest and flickr (erin's photostream) and just wish with all your heart you could do that? well, friends, you CAN! all you have to do is sign up for this photography e-course and i promise you, you'll learn a ton! this course is being taught by the professional photographer who taught me, and although you don't see many of my images on my blog (yet), trust me, they're getting good. i've only been at it for a short time but i have a fantastic foundation to grow upon thanks to my friend, erin, who is teaching this course. so jump up off the couch, bench, chair, toilet (?) and grab your credit card. make a decision that will change your life. did you hear me?! change. your. life.