24 hours of your wedding

Source: etsy.com via shu on Pinterest


i had a brainstorm the other day at brunch with a new friend. we were talking about her wedding and how she had disposable cameras on the tables. it gave me an idea. wouldn't it be cool to ask your guests to all take photos of themselves getting ready for your wedding (using their digital cameras). i don't mean just getting dressed for it but photos of what they did the day of your wedding. they could send you a couple of the best shots of the day and you could put an album together of all the images from all your friends and family. it would be your day-of wedding album. i think it would be so cool to see what everyone was doing while they were preparing for your special day. it sort of reminded me of those "newspapers" you'd get at the county fair that had your birthdate at the top and then all these articles of things that happened on your birthday. this would be the same idea but it would be your wedding day and photos. okay, so it's nothing like the "newspaper" but you know what i mean, right? AND, if you have friends like mine, you could get some freakin' hilarious and fun photos, dontcha think?!