coastline confections (chocolate giveaway!)

blueberry dark chocolate (seasonal flavor)margarita dark chocolate

orange dark chocolatethe other day, at my day job, a banker came to visit our office. we got started talking and it turns out he and his wife started a small business making chocolates not too long ago. naturally i was intrigued and asked if they sell to couples getting married. indeed they do! i told him i'd love to do a blog post about the business, called coastline confections, and he kindly offered to bring me some samples (i LOVE my job)! 

the business is in wiscasset, maine, although they ship all over. the bars are $3 each and the image on the label can be customized for the wedding couple (for an extra fee, i'm sure). the ingredients are all natural and they use 54% dark chocolate, which means it's not too sweet and not too bitter, which is good because your guests might be put off by one or the other. 

i sampled: cinnamon dark chocolate with heat; margarita dark chocolate; maine sea salt dark chocolate; and dark chocolate and orange. i loved the dark chocolate orange the best! my husband really liked the margarita dark chocolate, and i was surprised that i liked it, too. it's got a hint of lime and crunchy sea salt. the cinnamon with heat could be a little hotter for my taste, but if you're trying to please a wide audience, it's got a nice mellow flavor. my friend at work liked the maine sea salt the best. she liked the crunch bits of real salt. 

i have to say, my favorite thing about this chocolate though is that it's made in maine. there are so many awesome maine-made products that if you're getting married in maine you could probably purchase everything you need for the weddding using maine-only products. 

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GIVEAWAY! leave a comment telling me how much you love chocolate and you'll be entered for a chance to win three bars of chocolate from coastline confections! i'll draw a winner by may 31, 2012. good luck! (must enter an email address with your comment)

UPDATE: and the winner is...lorraine! congratulations, lorraine. your chocolate bars are on their way to you. enjoy!