wedding ceremony timeline - part II

the wedding processional

this part of the ceremony is getting it's own post because it's the most confusing. again, there is no one way to do this, it's totally up to you. it'll also depend on the size of your wedding party and if you have grandparents and don't even get me started on what to do with divorced and remarried families. the final word on that is "it's up to you."

so here's a typcial wedding processional 

  • after all the guests are seated, mothers of bride and groom are seated in front rows by ushers (can be best man), mother of bride gets seated last
  • processional music begins
  • officiant, groom and best man step in from stage left 
  • bridal procession: bridesmaids (can be escorted by groomsmen or groomsmen can also enter stage left); maid of honor; [cue music shift] ring bearer then flower girl; bride escorted by father or other important person(s) with bride on left holding her flowers in her left hand 
  • escort of bride stays until he/she/they have answered the officiant's question about who is giving away this bride (if you're using that)

another wedding processional 

  • officiant enter and takes place up front
  • grandparents of bride who get seated in front row
  • grandparents of grooom who get seated in other front row
  • groomsmen (single-file or in pairs)
  • best man
  • groom escorted by parents
  • bridesmaids (single-file or in pairs)
  • maid of honor
  • ring bearer/flower girl
  • bride escorted by parents 

but remember, you can do anything you want. ANYTHING! remember this:

so have fun and let me know if you have any questions! 

a special note: the bride normally stands on the left (from audience's perspective or stage right if you're a theater nerd) and the groom on the right. there's a theory about this but i totally don't believe it so i'm not going to say it.