to take or not to take a honeymoon

want my advice? take a honeymoon directly after your wedding. don't wait a couple of weeks or six months or a year. and here's why: you'll never have that freshly married feeling again. never. even if you think it'll be awesome and romantic (and it will) if you take it later, i'm telling you from experience that you'll regret not having gone right after the wedding. i mean, you don't have to leave the wedding and drive to the airport. but you might want to schedule your flight or drive off the very next day.

we didn't do this and i've regretted it every time i think about it. we were just talking about it last night actually, and we started trying to remember why we didn't take one. this is what we came up with. when we got married the first time (in january) i was applying for immigration into canada and it would have been very difficult for me to get back into the country if i left it. so, we didn't take a honeymoon. after our second wedding (the following august) we were broke. so we didn't take a honeymoon. this is such a bummer. i SO wish we had put some funds aside for the honeymoon rather than blowing it all on the wedding (think lobster dinner for 70 people). 

we've taken great, romantic trips since we got married, but we'll never have a re-do for that freshly married honeymoon. and that's a regret i'll always have.

your thoughts?