celebrity wedding

people magazine covers elizabeth smart wedding

last week's people magazine covered the details of the wedding of kidnap victim elizabeth smart and her husband matthew gilmour. i read the whole article and felt compelled to do a post about it for a few reasons. i'm a bit skeptical when it comes to celebrity marriages, all the more so when the couple is in their 20s. i always want the marriages to work out, but sometimes it seems like celebrities are getting married just because it's cool or because they been with the person for 3 whole months. well, there was something really different about this wedding.

the quotes from the happy couple were so inspiring and so touching they literally brought tears to my eyes. 

"elizabeth in her dress is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. i've found my eternal companion.

"she puts the colors inside my world.

"when matthew says something he means it. he's so geniune about everything. i love that.

"as soon as we were together, i felt he was my best friend. i couldn't imagine my life without him. 

"it's like matthew has always been in my life. i knew it was meant to be. 

elizabeth is 24 and matthew is 22. they seem so honest and conscious for being so young. every wedding seems like a fairy tale but, i'm telling you, i got goosebumps reading about this one. it's nice to see such geniune love in the pages of a gossip mag. check out these photos from their wedding and from her incredible story. 

i wish them all the best in marriage.