vow renewals

Source: inspiredbythis.com via a sweet start on Pinterest

as a notary public in maine, i am vested with the authority to perform weddings AND vow renewals. someone suggested i let you know about the vow renewals since most of my site is geared towards weddings.

so, i'm reaching out to the couples who are already married and want to reaffirm their commitment and love. i can't wait to have a vow renewal myself. i've been married six years now and the plan is to have a renewal ceremony at 10 years. if it were up to me, i'd do a "heidi klum" (before the break-up) and renew my vows every year with a great party, but my husband's patience and our budget can't really handle a mini-wedding every year. 

renewing vows can run the gamut (is that really a word?) from simple ceremonies with just the husband and wife (and maybe kids, if they have them) to an elaborate second wedding. it totally depends on your style. it also depends on why you want to renew. some folks just want to say "hey we made it ___ years, that's awesome. let's commit to another ___ years!" or "we just made it through a really rough patch, let's re-commit ourselves to this marriage." or "now that we have kids, let's make them part of the commitment." or... whatever feels right for you. 

gimme a shout and we can discuss ceremonies and styles.