things i'm loving

i haven't done one of these posts in a while and there are so many cool things i want to share with you. what are you loving right now? 

wimp | this is an awesome website/app. they post 5 videos a day that are family-friendly and on a broad range of topics. some fun, some inspirational, some educational, all awesome!

sequins | awesome pinterest board from {this is glamorous}, her blog is great, too!

luksin designs | a maine fashion designer (and personal friend) using quality fabrics. i have one of her tanks and i love it!

fun. | lead singer looks like guy pearce and sings like an angel. their songs are power anthems! oh, and they support marriage equality

lobster | even though summer is over and that's typically when everyone is eating lobster, i crave it year-round. the lobster fishermen had a tough year so the more i eat the more i'm helping them. cool. 

eyes open photography e-course | okay, full disclosure: i'm a guest contributor in the course, but i also think it's really cool and if you're interested in being a better, more creative photographer SIGN UP NOW!

swimming | i don't have a link for this one, but i've started swimming at our local community center and i now remember how much i love it!

say yes to the dress | cannot. stop. watching.

concord grapes | our local cooperative is carrying the most delicious organic concord grapes and i've been eating them until my lips are sore. they are SO damn good.