get to know me

since many of my clients are from out of state, i'm always thinking of ways to make it easier for them to get to know me. i saw someone i follow on twitter do this and it inspired me to create my own list. 

  1. i have four sisters, one brother, three nieces, five nephews, and the best parents anyone could ever ask for!
  2. i have jumped out of an airplane...twice.
  3. i think i am fluent in spanish, i just can't remember how to speak it.
  4. my parents founded stonyfield farm in 1983.
  5. i was married twice in the same year to the same man.
  6. i've milked a cow, slaughtered a chicken, and watched a dog being spayed.
  7. i have over 100 pairs of shoes!
  8. i left home at 18, moved to utah, got engaged, then moved back (unmarried).
  9. in elementary school i collected porsche match-box cars and wrote a biography for english class on ferdinand porsche.
  10. i'm terrified of handling pet rabbits and they know it.
  11. i'm addicted to house hunting and often peruse the mls listings.
  12. i've traveled to: spain, england, the netherlands, argentina, panama, honduras, costa rica, mexico, russia, cuba, st. martin, finland, and sweden. i've lived in canada.
  13. i've met mikhail gorbachev.
  14. i once lost 12 pounds in two weeks.
  15. i'm more in love with my husband now than the day i married him.
  16. i met my husband at club med in cancun.
  17. i still can't believe i have a masters degree.
  18. some day i want to live in hawaii.
  19. when i was a kid i wanted to be an olympic gymnast and a marine biologist.
  20. i love tobiko, sesame seeds, and wheat berries because they all "pop" in your mouth.
  21. when i was a kid i used to get one piece of bubblicious gum a month.
  22. for a while our whole family only ate with chopsticks.
  23. i don't sing well, but i love to sing. i'm a terrible dancer, but i love dancing.
  24. i have danced on the bar at the mars bar in san francisco, the sand dollar in stinson beach, and the asti in santa cruz.
  25. a police officer once told me i was going 55 mph in a 65 mph zone, and i corrected him.