anniversaries: 15 years

elaine and frank just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. it's so inspiring to read about real marriages that have been together for a long time and continue to thrive! 

when and where did you get married
rogers island, off of stony creek, connecticut

what did you like most about your wedding?
everything.  it was on a privately owned island – we brought guests over by boat.  we had a quintet from the new haven symphony play for us while we ate fresh alaskan salmon (flown in from my husband’s best friend who is an alaskan fisherman) under the stars.  it really was an elegant, simple and beautiful wedding and reception.  a good friend married us which made it even more special.

what would you have done differently about your wedding? 
i would have had my father-in-law stay in a hotel…not in our house the night of our wedding!

what changed after you got married?
it’s gotten better.  we know each other better and are more comfortable with each other.

what surprised you the most about being married?
that i like it so much.  my first marriage wasn’t wonderful and i was hesitant about getting married a second time. 

what do you like most about being married?
i have a best friend who has my back all the time!  he really is my best cheerleader…as i am, his.

what advice do you have for engaged couples or newlyweds?
talk, talk, talk.  be honest.  it’s difficult to do that, but it makes for a stronger marriage. 

if you could change one thing about your marriage, what would it be?
i would like it if my husband liked to travel more…but i travel with friends – so that’s good. 

would you ever consider renewing your vows?
yes – we talk about it – we figure if we add up both of our previous marriages and the current marriage – we should be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in two years….we may just call you to officiate!