anniversaries: 7 years

carol and jesse have been married for seven years. carol, who is from costa rica, answered the following questions about her wedding and her marriage. 

when and where did you get married? 
legally sept 22, 2005 in nyc, but our wedding was april 4, 2007 in costa rica.

what did you like most about your wedding?
the people who attended. the people who danced.

what would you have done differently about your wedding? 
not gone swimming in "stagnant" water, going to the hospital at 11 p.m. the night before your wedding isn't fun! and sipping on ginger ale and antibiotics during [your wedding] isn't exactly my idea of a party, although for some it may be. no judgment here.

what changed after you got married?
i became a legal u.s. resident.

what surprised you the most about being married?
the benefits i got from jes. i finally had health insurance,  just like that. 

what do you like most about being married?
when you argue, you can't just break up (divorcing takes a while), you find yourself actually talking and trying to find solutions, as a couple. which i think helps you grow as a person.

what advice do you have for engaged couples or newlyweds?
every couple's story is different. don't compare yourself to anyone else. and remember, just because you are married doesn't mean you become one person. 

if you could change one thing about your marriage, what would it be?
better communication. 

would you ever consider renewing your vows?
yes, at 10 years.

anything else?
do you want to come to costa rica and renew our vows in 3 years? [um..YES I DO!]