elephants in weddings

i recently had a lovely visit with a friend of mine who is an interior designer. she shared with me that elephants are really hot in the design world right now. it got me thinking about elephants and how they might be incorporated into weddings, either literally or symbolically. so i started doing a little research. here's is what i found out: 

  • elephants are a symbol of wisdom, strength, and perseverance (um, yeah, those could help in a marriage) 
  • elephants are a symbol of good luck (some say with the trunk up but others say it doesn't matter)
  • elephants are a symbol of unwavering devotion (in hinduism it's to the "master" but in your case it could be to your marriage)

so with all this amazing symbolism that could relate to marriage, i thought it'd be fun to see how some people have already incorporated this gentle giant into their wedding. 

Beach Wedding with Elephant from Thomas Gottschalk on Vimeo.

elephant enters around 1:30 in this next video

then i started thinking, okay so maybe you won't be able to rent an elephant to escort you to your wedding, but what about including some elephants in your wedding in other ways. 


Source: phdserts.com via Kayla on Pinterest

Source: etsy.com via Celine on Pinterest