honeymoon destination: niagara falls

it's probably the number one honeymoon destination in north america: niagara falls. i'm lucky enough to have visited the falls for the second time this past weekend. here are my recommendations for your visit, whether it be a honeymoon, a weekend getaway, or if you want to get married there! 

stay in niagara-on-the-lake (NOTL), ontario. it's only about 20 minutes from the town of niagara falls and it's much, much cuter. niagara falls is really tacky and run down. if you're into casinos, flashing neon lights, and cheap hotels then you may want to stay right in niagara falls, but my recommendation would be to stay at the pillar and post resort hotel in NOTL or one of the adorable bed and breakfasts in the town. the downtown of NOTL is movie-set perfect. it's so quaint but almost too perfect, if you know what i mean. the shops range from gift stores to higher end boutiques. there are a bunch of restaurants and the prince of wales hotel is right on the main street. 

take a day trip to the falls. if we had had the time, i would have enjoyed walking from the us falls around to the canadian falls. they're both dramatic and very different. the cool thing about the canadian falls is you can get within feet of the river going over the lip and it's intense! 

have a great trip!

take a wine tasting tour. this is wine country and the wines are surprisingly good! we visited inniskillin (awesome tour!) and colaneri estate winery but there are 130 wineries in the region so have fun. if you're in canada for more than 48 hours you can bring back four bottles of wine per person without having to pay a duty. do it! we got a bottle of the shiraz/cabernet at inniskillin and it was awesome! we also splurged on a bottle of the cabernet sauvignon amaroso, wow! 

pillar and post is the #1 spa hotel in canada!