i'm back!

today is the first day in 11 days that i feel normal. i've been suffering from viral meningitis and literally spent the last 10 days in bed. dealing with the symptoms of a contstant (brutal, excruiating) headache, stiff neck and tight shoulders, along with the inability to sleep more than 2 hours at a time was barely reduced by taking painkillers every four hours. i wasn't able to eat for the first week, although i'm now starting to get my hunger back. yes, i lost a few pounds, but i'd never like to do that again. EVER! 

i know this isn't a personal blog, but i felt bad about not posting and wanted you all to know why. i'm so much better today, even though i still have a slight headache (and probabaly will for a while). it's awesome to be sitting up and enjoying the light streaming in the window with my two kitties by my side. i almost can't believe i made it! 

so, yeah, i'm back, sort of.