plan ahead

left: victoria secret off-the-shoulder tee dress; right: nomad bandeau top brazillian ring bikini're planning on wearing a strapless wedding dress, eh? let me give you a little bit of advice and a little wisdom i learned with MY strapless wedding dress. as you now know, i got engaged on new year's eve (6 years ago) and my wedding was in august, which meant i had 8 months to 1) fit into my dress (another post altogther) and 2) get tan. i knew i was going to spend the months of may, june, and july working on the ol' tan so i planned ahead. i bought two bandeau swimsuits, a few strapless beach dresses, and a couple strapless shirts. i didn't spend a minute in the sun wearing anything that had straps. working in the garden, a day at the beach, a ride in the boat, you name it, i was strapless. the last thing i wanted on my wedding day was to look like my strapless dress had straps made my by tanlines. not cool. it did require that i go shopping for new clothes (oh no!) and it was kind of annoying to have such a limited selection, but it was SO worth it. you're lucky if you live in the US and need these items, i lived in british columbia and six years ago there was next to nothing you could purchase online. now there are some cool options of dresses like this victoria secret off-the-shoulder dress. i'd totally wear that! i wouldn't wear that nomad bandeau bikini top, above, but only because i don't have the figure for it, otherwise i think it's awesome. good luck!