wedding at sea

photo courtesy of schooner j & e rigginah, the romance of getting married on the open ocean with the lofty breezes blowing your wedding dress and the cries of the gulls serenading your ceremony. sounds absolutely perfect, doesn't it?! 

in maine, we're lucky to have many gorgeous schooners from which to choose and plenty of coastline on which to cruise (hey i just made a rhyme!). i'm lucky because i know a few of the schooner captains in camden. check out the 85 year old schooner j & e riggin captained by jon finger and annie mahle. (annie is also a divine chef with an amazing cookbook and blog.) or look into the beautiful schooner mary day captained by jen martin and barry king. i've also met the captains for the schooner nathaniel bowditch, which is available for wedding charters. my friend got married on the schooner american eagle; her photos were gorgeous and she had a fantastic time. there are many others, not just in camden, but up and down the coast of maine. 

because i am a notary public i can perform weddings anywhere in maine even on a schooner!