Weddings on the Water in Maine

Rocky coast of Maine

Weddings on the Water in Maine

Weddings on the Water in Maine

Looking for a waterfront Maine wedding venue? First of all, what kind of body of water are you interested in? Because Maine has it all: lakes, ponds, rivers, beaches and schooners. Maine offers so much diversity that everyone who wants a wedding venue on or near the water, can have one! So, if you’re looking for a waterfront venue for your Maine wedding, check out this thorough list I’ve put together.

There’s something special about waterfront weddings: an expanse and openness to the setting; the sounds of waves crashing on the rocks; the trickle of the river or the call of a loon on the lake.

Remember, if you’re getting married on the coast of Maine, you’re going to want to check the tide chart before picking your wedding ceremony time.

Beach Wedding Locations

Lakeside Wedding Venues

Riverside Wedding Venues

Bed & Breakfasts and Inns on the Ocean

Waterfront Vacation Home Venues

Oceanfront Hotels and Resorts

Island Wedding Venues

Lighthouse Wedding Spots

Other Wedding Venues Near the Water

Weddings at Sea

I’ve been lucky enough to officiate weddings at quite a few of these venues!


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