wedding do’s and don’t’s

wedding do’s and don’t’s

wedding do’s and don’t’s

If you’ve never been married before, you probably have no idea what to expect on wedding day. You’re excited and possibly nervous about the wedding ceremony. You’ve spent all this time planning your wedding and you want it to be a fun party for all your guests. You want to make sure that you and everyone around you had the best time, ever! Well, then you’re going to need to prepare yourself by following this list of wedding do’s and don’t’s for the most stress-free, relaxed and fun wedding you can possibly imagine!

Things You Should Do on Your Wedding Day

  • Do trust your wedding photographer to know what photos to take (other than formals)
  • Do take 5 deep breaths before walking down the aisle
  • Do let your attendants/friends/family take care of you on your wedding day
  • Do assign someone to be your water “boy;” a hydrated bride/groom is a happy bride/groom
  • Do let your bridesmaids hold your dress while you pee (after drinking all that water)
  • Do tip your wedding vendors generously
  • Do plan the day down to the minute, but let go of the wedding day timeline once the wedding begins
  • Do try to greet all your guests, even if it’s just a hug and a “thank you for coming”
  • Do take one last look in the mirror before the ceremony begins
  • Do relax and have fun!

Things You Shouldn’t Do on Your Wedding Day

  • Don’t drink too much alcohol at your wedding (Really. Don’t.)
  • Don’t pay your vendors the day of the wedding (if you can help it, pay before the wedding)
  • Don’t snap at your attendants/friends/family (if you can help it, be nice to the people who are trying to help you)
  • Don’t think that your deodorant will last all day
  • Don’t wear shoes that hurt even if they’re “soooo cute!”
  • Don’t be in charge of the wedding vendors the day of, let someone else do that, preferably a wedding planner or day of wedding coordinator
  • Don’t take off your wedding dress for the reception (you only wear it once so rock it for the whole event!)
  • Don’t leave your reception early and think your guests will keep partying (They won’t.)
  • Don’t expect gifts, and be pleasantly surprised with the ones you get
  • Don’t get so caught up in the details that you don’t relax and have fun


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