Maine Tide Chart

Maine Tide Chart

Maine Tide Chart

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Are you getting married on the coast of Maine? if so, you might want to make sure that you know what the tide will be doing during your ceremony. For example, if you’re getting married on Popham Beach you may want it’s low tide so you have lots of hard sand and room for your wedding. Or if you’re getting married on a tidal river (there are so many of these in maine) you may want to check to make sure it’s high tide so you have a lovely view and don’t have the smell of clammy mud.

What will the tide be doing at my wedding?

You can view the Maine tide charts by month to check the tides on your wedding date.

Just remember, that if you’re getting your formal/family photos taken after your ceremony, and you’re getting married on a tidal river, you may want to plan on having the ceremony just before high tide so you the tide is high right after the ceremony. Your photographer will appreciate that you planned ahead and you will, too, when you see your photos!


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