Lobster for Dinner at Your Wedding Reception

Lobster for Dinner at Your Wedding Reception

Lobster for Dinner at Your Wedding Reception

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my husband enjoying lobster at our wedding. photos by amy wilton photographylobster for your wedding dinner? why not! many caterers will tell you that lobster is not a good meal to serve for your wedding dinner. it’s messy, stinky, and can be frustrating for your guests “from away.” but seriously, if you’re having a wedding in maine doesn’t a lobster dinner sound perfect!? well, it did for me! every single person who attended our wedding (aside from my mother and father) lived outside of maine. that meant that it was the first visit to maine for many of them, and what, i ask you, is more closely associated with this great state than the red bug? so, i was super excited about having lobster for our wedding meal. here is what i learned:

  • provide a tube of wet napkins at each table (we covered ours with sticky drawer liner but you could use something way cooler)
  • provide orange-scented gojo pumice hand cleaner in the bathrooms (also cover the label so they’re not so ugly or put the cleaner into lovely little pump bottles)
  • make sure the caterer provides bibs and plenty of paper napkins!
  • provide instructions for how to eat a lobster (we didn’t do this but we should have)
  • provide plenty of time for dinner (it takes a while to crack and eat a whole lobster) before dancing so that people don’t feel rushed
  • make sure your photographer takes lots of pictures of your guests with bibs on!

it’s totally doable and even super fun! all our guests gushed at how awesome it was and not one person (during or after) complained about the mess. so enjoy!

by the way, winter is when the lobster is most tender, sweet, and delicious (and probably least expensive since there isn’t huge demand), so don’t count it out for a kick-ass winter wedding!


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