groom photos

a love supreme photography does it againah...the groom* photo. so your man's not photogenic, or so he thinks. doesn't like to pose or get his photo taken. just another good reason to get a photographer who can make a lime-ricky out of cranberries (or whatever). you've got to hire a photographer who can capture your man just as he is, without him feeling the pressure. it is possible. it is. 

check out these folks who are some of my favorite photographers: 

a love supreme photography

max wanger

our labor of love

carl zoch

jonas peterson

one love photo

elizabeth messina

jose villa

samm blake

studio castillero

brooke schwab

branco prata

*this is not meant to be sexist or to single out men, some women also feel uncomfortable in front of the camera (and i also realize that not all weddings have a groom!)