1812 farm | bristol maine

photo: 1812 farm gallery

i picked up some food today for an event from the kitchen at the 1812 farm, headquarters of stone cove catering. it reminded me that i wanted to introduce you to this awesome wedding venue. the barn at the farm is a gorgeous rehabbed post-and-beam structure. with high ceilings, sweeping lawns, commercial kitchens, and bar, it's the full full package. it's the right spot for a couple who would like everything to be taken care of for them. it's full-service, baby. (don't worry, i'll have other ideas for those couples who want something a little less traditional.) ask for sarah or todd and tell them i sent you.

about me fun fact: sarah and todd catered my wedding back in '06. they did a great job, although, truth-be-told, they weren't my first choice (it's a long story that maybe i'll tell you someday). they also run king eiders pub with sarah's sister cynthia and her husband jed. good people, doing good things with food in midcoast maine.