facebook questions: same sex marriage & weddings in vermont

i had a great question on my facebook page today. i was asked if same sex marriages are legal in maine. unfortunately, they are not. in 2009 our govenor at the time signed a bill allowing same sex marriages, but opponents petitioned for a referendum which they won and so the bill never went into effect. you can read the wiki article about what happened. i look forward to the day when i can perform marriages for any two couples in love!

i was also asked if i can perform marriages in vermont. because i am ordained by the universal life church monastery i can perform marriages anywhere in the united states. the only caveat is that the town you live in must accept my ordination. some towns have very specific rules on who can perform marriages so you'll need to research this before i can perform your marriage. if you live in a state other than maine and are interested in my services, let me know and i can help you do the research. i'd love to do a wedding in vermont! i'm from new hampshire and would love to do one there, too! remember, travel fees apply beyond 15 miles from damariscotta, maine.