when i was planning my wedding i never once thought about lighting. i mean, i thought about how i wanted twinkle lights up around the tent and candles on every table but i didn't think about what that would mean for the photographer and more importantly the photos she was going to take. i don't love flash photography (there i said it) and all my reception photos were taken with a flash because there wasn't enough light in the tent. it's not the photographers fault, it's mine for not planning ahead.toasts at my wedding. photo by amy wilton photography

don't do what i did. take a moment now and think about light. where will you be sitting at the reception? which way will you be facing? are there fluorescent lights? enough natural light? what about the dance floor? will there be lights on the tables? what time of day is the wedding? will the sun set during the reception? if you're not sure about the answer to these questions, ask your photographer. they will appreciate it and so will YOU!

**the same goes for the ceremony site, especially if it's indoors.