so, you want to wear stilettos (or heels) but you're having a garden or beach wedding. what do you do?

this happened to me. i found the perfect steve madden heels for my wedding: white, peeptoe, sassy. i would not be talked into any other form of footwear: wedges, flats, barefoot. so i wore the stilettos and basically walked on tiptoe the whole wedding. so stupid.

here's what i suggest. wear those awesome heels but make it easy on yourself. use a lovely carpet runner for the aisle and a small throw rug for the ceremony site. or put down a piece of plywood and cover that with a little carpet for the ceremony site. it will serve two purposes: 1) you'll create a sweet little spot for the ceremony (especially nice if it's in a large grassy area or wide open beach with no other focal point) and 2) you'll be able to stand like a normal person during the ceremony and not have shaky legs because you're standing on tippy-toe for half an hour.