10 Things to include in your wedding ceremony

10 Things to include in your wedding ceremony

10 Things to include in your wedding ceremony

10 things to include in your wedding ceremony

I’m writing this post to help you craft the kind of meaningful wedding ceremony that I create with my clients. Meaning comes not just from the words of the script, but from the tone that is set by your wedding officiant. It comes from small but powerful moments during the ceremony. It comes from being present and not rushing through this portion of your wedding day. You may have already thought of some of these 10 things to include in your wedding ceremony, but maybe a few of them are new to you and will inspire you to want a ceremony with depth, warmth and JOY!

PRO TIP: Before you start the ceremony, take a nice deep breath to settle into the moment and feel grounded. Taking just a few seconds to get present before everything starts will help the ceremony feel calm rather than rushed. I was going to make this one of the things to do during your ceremony, but then it would be 11 things and I love top 10 lists!

Add these 10 things into your wedding ceremony

  1. A warm and sincere welcome to all your guests, especially if they’ve traveled a great distance to be there, sets a joyful tone

  2. Acknowledge your ancestors, relatives who have passed on, and your parents who shaped you into the people you are today

  3. Take a moment to turn and look out at your guests and see all their smiling faces shining back at you

  4. Have your officiant write up your Love Story and include it as a way of acknowledging of how far you’ve come

  5. Readings by friends or family add another voice into the proceedings and can bring a lovely moment of pause and reflection during the ceremony

  6. Of course, exchanging vows, whether the traditional vows or personal vows you’ve written, are the foundation of any wedding ceremony

  7. Add a meaningful unity ceremony into the proceedings to symbolize your coming together and starting this new life as a couple

  8. Bring the ceremony to a close with a group song, a call-and-response reading, a blessing, or final thoughts by your officiant

  9. After the kiss, hold hands and look out at your guests one more time as your officiant introduces you as a new couple – this moment will stay in your memory forever!

  10. At the end of the aisle, turn to kiss your beloved. You will treasure this photo of you with your guests cheering in the background  

Of course, you’ll want to have a ring exchange in there, but that’s so obvious I didn’t add it to the list.  

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