1 Simple Idea to Improve the Wedding Ceremony

1 Simple Idea to Improve the Wedding Ceremony

1 Simple Idea to Improve the Wedding Ceremony

One simple way to improve the wedding ceremony experience. Photo by  Flax Studios  #weddingceremony

One simple way to improve the wedding ceremony experience. Photo by Flax Studios #weddingceremony

In this post I’m going to share with you one idea that will instantly improve your wedding ceremony experience. It also has the benefit of improving the wedding ceremony experience for your wedding guests. It’s so simple, yet I find it gets overlooked or people don’t know about this tiny tweak that makes a huge difference. After reading this you are now in-the-know and hopefully can share this tidbit with your friends when they get married.  

One way to make the wedding ceremony better

It’s so simple it almost seems silly to write it down, but the best way to make a quick improvement to the ceremony experience is to set up the ceremony chairs with a slight curve. You don’t need to go full semi-circle, just a slight curve to each row will do just fine.

Why this makes a difference

When the chairs are curved ever so slightly around the ceremony spot:

  • It creates a cozier experience for your guests.

  • You guests will hear everything better as the sound bounces off the curved rows of chairs.

  • The guests on the ends of each row will be able to see better and no one feels left out.

  • You’ll be able to see all of your guests better.

  • It looks beautiful and elegant in photos.

  • And, best of all, the rounded edges of rows make it feel like you’re getting a big hug during the ceremony!

It’s really such a simple tweak to make. I’ve been officiating weddings since 2011, so I’m speaking from experience when I say it makes all the difference.

Talk to your wedding planner, wedding coordinator or wedding venue site coordinator and ask them to set up the chairs with a slight curve.

One other thing…

While you’re at it, ask your planner or site coordinator to set up just enough chairs in the first row to accommodate only the number of guests who will be sitting up there. You’ll need to assign those seats to your family members, but it’s worth it when you understand that filling all those seats in the front row makes for a full and joyful celebration.

I’ve seen too many weddings where there are empty seats in the front row and, even though we know it’s not true, it feels like people are missing. Most planners and site coordinators set out an equal number of chairs in each row, and while there’s some nice symmetry with this approach, it often means there are empty chairs in the front row. And those chairs will stay empty throughout the whole ceremony because no guests will ever sit in the front row (unless they’re family and invited to sit there). Trust me on this one!

Also, it’s a good idea to do this if you’ve ordered just enough chairs for your number of guests. Since no guest will ever sit in the front row, those chairs will be empty while your late-arriving guests will have to stand in the back, since those were the chairs meant for them. Does that make sense?

I hope these two ideas help make your wedding ceremony even more special and personal and intimate. These ideas work if you have 25 or 250 guests!


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