Your ceremony will be fun without being jokey, it’ll be serious without being solemn, it will be meaningful without being overly sentimental, it’ll be sweet without being sappy. I balance the gravity of this significant moment with enough levity to make it a joyful occasion. Your wedding ceremony experience will be a fabulous celebration for you and your guests!

You will feel supported by me through the entire process of crafting your ceremony, to helping you envision how it will unfold, to guiding you and your wedding party through the rehearsal, and finally bringing your ceremony to life on wedding day. What I offer you is so much more than just a script

Other stuff to know about me:  I’m down-to-earth; I have a positive, cheery attitude; I’m wicked organized; I’m LGBTQ+ friendly; I believe that Black Lives Matter; I’m passionate about my work; and I care about your ceremony as much as you do. I honestly can’t wait to meet you!


Couples who hire me want a meaningful, personalized ceremony but aren’t sure how to make it happen. I have years of experience offering guidance and support throughout the whole wedding ceremony planning process from envisioning and outlining your ceremony, to writing your vows, to managing your rehearsal and then performing your ceremony on wedding day. I work collaboratively with you to craft a totally original Super Sweet Wedding Ceremony that reflects your love, your relationship, your family traditions and future dreams. The end result is deeply meaningful and uniquely personal.

I will...

  • Guide you through envisioning, planning, and creating the entire ceremony (not just the “script”)
  • Create a lively, grounded, and engaging ceremony experience for you and your guests
  • Manage every aspect of the ceremony so you can let go and be totally present
  • Be an attentive, supportive, and calming presence on your wonderfully full wedding day

I promise I will not...

  • Embarrass you by telling bad jokes or surprise you on wedding day (you always get a copy of the final ceremony beforehand)
  • Rush you or your guests, get overwhelmed or frantic, or show up late
  • Restrict your creativity in any way (you have complete creative freedom when it comes to your Super Sweet Wedding Ceremony)


Native New Englander. Former schoolteacher. Sought-after wedding officiant. Of all the labels that describe Maria Northcott, however, the one you’ll hear most often is “creator of community.” It’s not just weddings that are Maria’s passion — it’s the people at the heart of those weddings. Whether it’s couples planning their wedding or the professionals who serve them, Maria thrives on building relationships and making connections. In 2015, she quit her full-time job to free her heart and soul to do exactly that. Not only is Maria in demand as an officiant by couples across the country, but she’s also the founder of the Maine Wedding Network, fostering a sense of collaboration and support among professional wedding vendors throughout Maine. Whether it’s by the wood stove in her midcoast cottage or at one of the many weddings she officiates each year, Maria exudes a warmth that draws people in, makes them feel comfortable, and sends them back into the world with a brighter spark in their eye.
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Meet Lindsay, my Associate here at A Sweet Start. Lindsay works with couples who choose to have a Sweet + Simple Ceremony. Read on to learn more about my friend, colleague, and all around awesome person: Lindsay Gannon.

Lindsay officiated her first wedding for a coworker in 2018 and was immediately smitten- she felt she had found her calling! She decided that this was a passion worth pursuing and while working her full-time day job as an Evaluation Manager, she continued to hone her skills as an officiant. Since that time, she has focused on expanding her wedding work and investing time and energy into becoming a professional wedding officiant serving all couples. Her favorite part of the process is getting to know her clients and learning their love story. Nothing is better than being with people you care about on one of the best days of their lives!


Lindsay received her Bachelor of Science in criminal justice from Northeastern University and her master’s in public administration from The University of Maine. She has presented on numerous topics and projects at both the state and national level, co-facilitates trainings on implicit bias and cultural competency, and is a dedimus justice and notary public. She believes strongly in serving her community and is currently co-chair of the Board of Directors for the Center for Wisdom’s Women in Lewiston, Maine. Lindsay is originally from Biddeford and now lives in Sabattus with her husband, two young children, and three large cats.


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