Imagine having the time and space to experience every detail of your ceremony as it's happening.

Imagine time has slowed down. You take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You look over at your beloved and realize this is the moment. After all these years, you’re getting married! You feel calm, at ease, completely present, and bursting with joy.

As a professional Maine wedding officiant, I know that when couples feel grounded and relaxed during their wedding ceremony, time seems to slow down. This allows you and your guests to give the moment the significance it deserves and ultimately create richer memories of the ceremony. If you’re provided the space to just “be,” you’ll be able to savor the moment and store the memories!

"Maria seemed to be the anchor of our wedding."

— Caroline + Maxx, Private Residence, Days Ferry


maine wedding officiant

A Maine wedding officiant during a ceremony

Hi! I’m a professional Maine wedding officiant, and I know planning a wedding ceremony can be challenging. You’re looking for someone you genuinely connect with; someone with experience and gravitas who is also warm and welcoming; someone who will create a uniquely special wedding ceremony that has heart and meaning. You’ve just found what you’re looking for! I collaborate with you to transform your experiences, love story, relationship, and beliefs into a cohesive, engaging and joy-filled ceremony that has been written just for you!


5 Things Few People Know About Me


I have a great sense of timing and humor. I know how to engage your guests and get them laughing without being cheesy or jokey.


I pride myself on my responsiveness and can adapt to however you want to communicate, including but not limited to text, DM, Messenger, Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, phone, email or fax (just kidding about the fax!). 


On the one hand, I’m ridiculously punctual and unquestionably organized. On the other hand, I’m laid back and flexible. I seek balance in all things.


I believe that love is love is love is love. When DOMA was overturned, I celebrated by giving a free wedding to a LGBTQ+ couple who got married here in Maine. All couples welcome! 


I practice mindfulness every day. I believe that staying in the moment makes me kind, compassionate and empathetic.


Creative, Engaging Ceremonies for Thoughtful Couples


Schedule a kickoff video chat at a time that's convenient for you

If your date is available, I will give you access to my calendar so we can schedule a kickoff Zoom call at a time that’s convenient for you. Since we’ll be working so closely together, I ask that you both be on the call.


Share your love story, every joyful and hilarious moment

This is the fun part! You’ll share your love story: how you met, your first impressions, how you got engaged, and much more. Your responses will be the foundation for a ceremony that’s genuine, authentic and reflective of the two of you.


Experience a truly engaging ceremony with your guests

During your ceremony, I’ll encourage you to stay grounded, allowing you to fully experience each moment. You may even feel like time is slowing down, helping you to be present for the beginning of your marriage. By grounding couples and guests in this way, experiences deepen and memories strengthen.

“Maria had people laughing, crying, singing, and in complete awe.”

— Dana + Gabe, Private Residence, Ogunquit, Maine


Which Sweet Start is Right For You?

sweet + simple

$ 1,100

The Sweet + Simple Ceremony package includes three heartfelt and memorable ceremony scripts to choose from. Limited customization allowed. 

Most Popular

Super sweet

$ 1,500

The Super Sweet Ceremony package includes a completely customized ceremony based on your love, relationship, beliefs, and traditions.




The Sweetest Ceremony package includes everything in the Super Sweet Ceremony plus a custom honeymoon package (I’m not just a Maine wedding officiant, I’m also a travel agent).

Rates effective 2024.


Choosing a wedding officiant is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your wedding. That one person will be the facilitator of your marriage, that’s a big deal. Here are 10 things to consider when choosing a wedding officiant and 5 questions to ask your officiant before you hire them.

Actually, Maine doesn’t have justices of the peace anymore. The state merged the duties of a Justice of the Peace with that of a Notary Public in the 1980’s. So, I am not a justice of the peace, but I am a notary public, which gives me the authority to perform wedding ceremonies in Maine. 

Writing your own wedding vows can be a wonderful way to personalize your wedding ceremony. It can also be a very daunting task. I did it for my wedding and I remember thinking “I want my vows to be meaningful and not cliche.” I can help you with this, and you can purchase my Vows That Wow workbook to guide you.

Many people are choosing to write their own wedding vows these days. But an equal number of couples I work with are using the very traditional wedding vows that have been spoken at weddings for years. And still other couples are doing both! 

“I appreciated her work in coordinating the actual logistics of the ceremony and rehearsal (timing, processional order, seating, etc.) this was a HUGE value and not something I necessarily thought of when researching officiants.”

— Victoria + Ryan, Beech Hill Barn, Pittston, Maine

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