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we're off to a sweet start

A Sweet Start is for couples who want something new! You know you want a creative and meaningful wedding ceremony but don't know where to start. With me as your Maine wedding officiant, you will get a well-crafted and loving wedding ceremony with my personalized attention and professional expertise to ensure you have a joy-filled and effortless ceremony! 

my approach

Your ceremony will be fun without being jokey, it'll be serious without being solemn, it will be meaningful without being overly sentimental, it'll be sweet without being sappy. I balance the gravity of this significant moment with enough levity to make it a joyful occasion. Your wedding ceremony experience will be a fabulous celebration for you and your guests!

You will feel supported by me through the entire process of crafting your ceremony, to helping you envision how it will unfold, to guiding you and your wedding party through the rehearsal, and finally to bringing your ceremony to life on wedding day. 

You will love working with me because I'm down-to-earth; I have a positive, cheery attitude; I'm wicked organized; I'm LGBTQ friendly; I'm passionate about my work; and I care about your ceremony as much as you do! I can't wait to hear from you

I appreciated her work in coordinating the actual logistics of the ceremony and rehearsal (timing, processional order, seating, etc.) this was a HUGE value and not something I necessarily thought of when researching officiants.
— Victoria + Ryan, Beech Hill Barn, Pittston, Maine
On our wedding day, we found ourselves more emotional than we expected, and Maria was our rock and helped us be in the moment and get through the tears!
— Claire + Mike, The 1774 Inn, Phippsburg, Maine