I have been a wedding DJ for over 40 years. You could say that I have seen a few weddings in my life. Last weekend I experienced a wedding officiant that was second to none. Her name is Maria Northcott. In all my years I have never been so moved by a wedding ceremony. Right from the beginning, Maria captured your attention and guided all that were present on a journey. She involves everyone attending the wedding and invites them to participate in the couple’s magical day. In her voice she pours out her soul with such feelings and excitement. At times you could hear a pin drop and then the next moment the entire gathering in laughter. It takes a special person to achieve that goal. You can tell she is excited to be part of this couple’s wedding day in every word she speaks.
If you’re looking for someone to officiate your ceremony look no further, you have found the best in the business. Her name is Maria Northcott!
I look forward to working with her again.

Dan Giroux, MC/DJ
Dan Giroux Entertainment Services

Bowdoin Chapel real Maine wedding

I love outdoor weddings, but being inside the Bowdoin Chapel on a Saturday in July brought a smile to my face. The walls of the Chapel are covered in colorful, elaborate paintings; the high ceilings and stained glass windows make it feel grand; the blue velvet seat cushions and the long pews evoke British royalty. In a word I was awed by its beauty and charm. And that's just the venue! The wedding couple, Rachel and Harrison chose me as their officiant, and I am truly honored they did. I encouraged them to be present on their wedding day, and to their credit they took my advice. The calm, love, and sweetness they expressed set the tone for their wedding day, which was a relaxed, comfortable and joyous day! What a festive occasion in a gorgeous location!

All photos below by me, A Sweet Start.

Why you should get married in Maine

Thanks to Chelsea, from the awesome wedding blog Tidewater and Tulle, for interviewing me and asking me all about what make Maine such a great place to get married. I met Chelsea on social media because we're both crazy cat ladies and both love weddings. When she came to Maine on a press tour I made sure to pop down to the beautiful Inn by the Sea to finally meet her in person. We walked down to sweet Crescent Beach just down the boardwalk from the Inn to do this impromptu interview.

I wish I could do every interview barefoot on a beach! 

Chebeague Island real Maine wedding

Weddings on an island are magical. First of all there's the ferry ride which just builds the excitement and anticipation of what's to come. And then there's the "we're all in this together" vibe because you're essentially stuck on an island together. And then there's the breathtaking views and historic charm. Whatever *it* is, getting married on an island in Maine truly is one of the most special and amazing adventures! 

Callie and Harrison chose Chebeague Island for their June wedding. On the lawn of the Chebeague Island Inn, and after almost ten years of life already together, they finally became husband and wife. I got a little choked up when they exchanged rings. The strength of the love between them was palpable. Such a happy day! Although these photos are from my iPhone, I think you can grasp the stunning beauty of their wedding day.

I want to say a special shout out to the staff at the Chebeague Island Inn. Caitlin, Jessica, Tina, Matt and everyone who works there treats their clients and all wedding vendors with a level of kindness and professionalism that makes you feel welcome, comfortable, confident and supported. Thank you! 

All photos below by me, A Sweet Start