wine ceremony

Amy Wilton Photographywhen i got married, my husband and i both drank from the same glass of red wine. the first sip symbolized the sorrows and bitterness of life, of which we were sure to experience. the second sip symbolized the joys and happiness of life, of which we were sure to experience. my sister wrote our ceremony and this is how she put it:

As in the Jewish tradition, Maria and Nick will each sip twice from this shared cup of wine. One sip will symbolize the joys and one will symbolize the sorrows that lie bfore them in their shared life together. 

it may seem like a downer to talk about sorrows at a wedding, but we didn't feel that way. when we agreed to marry each other we knew we were commiting to everything life and marriage has to offer and sorrow, pain,and  disappointment are all part of it. it's sort of saying the same things as "in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health..." you get the idea. we were commiting to all of it: joy and sorrow, and this was a way for us to symbolize that during our wedding ceremony.

sipping from a cup of wine during a wedding ceremony may not be the right thing for everyone but it was very meaningful to us, and because it connected to my Jewish heritage, i was drawn to it all the more.